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We need your help more than ever. We know that many Post members do not visit an American Legion, but believe in the mission and programs of the American Legion.

We are asking every member to donate at least $10 a month in addition to your annual dues. Without your support we are done at our current location, 19401 Walter Johnson Rd in Germantown. If we can attain a sufficient level of support by April 15th, we can remain in our building, if not we will need to begin moving out on May 1st.

We have been able to cut expenses significantly, but it was not enough. When we moved in a member promised to pay our rent of $3000 a month for the 1st year. 

Unfortunately we only received 5 months of rent. We have been able to pay and work off some of the rent, but still owe several months. We did not get the support we needed to cover the rent and expenses, so we are going to have to move out. Moving out will not end the debt we owe to the landlord, but will stop us from incurring more debt along the way.

Our assumption that the Maryland Lotto Slot Machines would provide much of the income was wrong. Everyone, even the Lottery underestimated the usage. We have not even cleared $500 a month since the machines were installed. With regular usage they should have provided $15,000 each month, while we hoped for $5,000.

To help make a monthly donation using the button on the right and select the amount of your donation. 

You can make a one time donation by selecting the bottom button and entering the amount you can spare. 

You may send checks payable to American Legion Post 295 to PO BOX 690, GERMANTOWN, MD 20875. 

Yours in Service,

Bob Ouellette

Adjutant Post 295

Past Commander 2001-2015

Monthly Support
Spring 2016 Sustainment Campaign